Apple tried to buy Palm

It turns out that even Apple and Google tried to buy Palm, despite the wails and moans about the bleak outlook of the company, even with its new webOS and phones.

I still think this was a good buy for HP. They’ll be able to take and use webOS in more ways than the other possible suitors. Google probably would not have used webOS (they have Android), or at most sucked in the best parts to Android. They also probably don’t want to be in the phone hardware business.

As for Apple, the ‘patent theory’ seems right, especially with NTP now going after the rest of the big phone makers, after taking a nice bite out of RIM.

I’m sure too that HP was looking for a upgrade of sorts for their iPAQs (remember those?). But as with all such things, time will tell if this works out for HP.

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Palm acquired by HP

PalmPalm has been saved, purchased by HP for $1.2 billion, which was a premium on the stock price. This is a good deal for both companies. Palm was in serious trouble, with its new Pre and Pixi smartphones not selling very well, and its stock price tanking. HP on the other hand did not have much of a mobile presence, as its last real mobile device, the iPaq has been floundering in the face of iPhones, Android phones, etc.

The other big opportunity for both companies will be the potential for Palm’s new mobile OS, called webOS, to appear on even more devices including ‘slates’ and netbooks.  Perhaps with HP’s much larger market reach and marketing budget, the webOS app market may stand a chance of taking off.

HP Press Release

Rumors: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 out in June, and the iPhone 4G goes to Verizon

One analyst (Peter Misek) has some bold predictions on what Steve Jobs will announce next week (in addition to the much anticipated Apple Tablet, supposedly called the iTablet – no surprise there).

iphoneRumor #1: he’ll announce and show off the latest version of the iPhone OS: v4.0.

Rumor #2: he’ll announce that Verizon will start selling the iPhone 4G in summer. This will be big news as it will suddenly expose the iPhone to the largest single carrier market, and it may also impact Palm’s latest decision to launch their Pre and Pixi on Verizon.

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CES 2010: Verizon Getting Palm webOS Phones – Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

verizon palm pre plus pixiPalm is getting their new webOS handsets onto other networks. First up is Verizon which is getting updated versions of both the Pre and the Pixi.

The Pre Plus is pretty much like the original Pre, but will have twice the memory for a faster experience, and 16GB of storage. It also drops the physical center button.

The Pixi Plus will add Wi-Fi to its feature list. Pricing will probably be similar to what’s on Sprint and will be available Jan 25.

One of the more unique and compelling reasons to get one of these Palm devices on Verizon is the ability to create a mobile hotspot out of your Pre or Pixi that can connect up to 5 other WiFi devices. Unfortunately, it’s only via EV-DO. Perhaps Sprint should lobby for these phones and get Internet connections over WiMax.

[press release]

Palm to restructure application submission and distribution system for webOS apps

Finally. Palm is starting to get its app submission process for its developers right. Software developers of WebOS Palm apps (for the Pre and Pixi handsets) can now submit their apps to Palm for review and possible inclusion in the Palm App Catalog OR they can distribute them immediately via a 3rd-party site.

This new system will start in December. Late, considering when the Pre was first released, but at least it will happen. Unknown is whether Palm can hope to catch up with the Android and iPhone application inventory already in place and growing.

via NYTimes

Palm Pre’s little sister, the Pixi, to appear around holidays

Palm has just announced the next phone with their new webOS, the Palm Pixi. The most noticeable difference is that the Pixi is a candybar phone with its full QWERTY keyboard fully visible, unlike the Pre’s slide out keyboard.

The Pixi is amazingly thin (0.43 inches) with a slightly smaller touchscreen (320 x 400) than the Pre. One of the things being touted with the Pixi is the ability to replace the backplate with customized designs. Expect the Pixi around the holidays probably in the $100 region, and again on the Sprint network.

Apple blocks Palm Pres from accessing iTunes

Wow, c’mon Apple – are you really hurting for more $ that you needed to block the relatively small number of Palm Pre users from getting to iTunes?! Of course, this isn’t really targeted at just Palm Pres, but other non-iPod/iPhone devices, but still.

I personally don’t use either iTunes, the desktop software (even when I had an iPod) or the online store, but now I have another reason not to. This is the type of behavior that Microsoft engaged in that alienated a lot of people and helped to give them a bad name. Don’t make the same mistake Apple.

via WSJ.

Palm Pre pretty much sells out on launch day

The general word is that most Palm Pres have sold out. Released yesterday, many Sprint and Best Buy stores were sold out before noon and then were only busy putting people’s names on waiting lists. While the lines may have not been as long as when the iPhone first came out, the hype that Apple built up prior to its release was certainly an order of magnitude larger. No matter.

A very rough average of the number of units doled out to the 1200 Sprint, Best Buy and Radio Shack seems to be somewhere around 50. This works out to only 60,000 units [disclaimer – this is a WAG]. This seems like a very small number. I hope they’ve got another shipment coming soon, like in the next week.

On the bright side, new owners seem to be quite happy with the new smartphone gadgets. Congrats Palm. Now get moving on producing more units!

Palm Pre rolling out June 6

It turns out the rumors were pretty true, and the Palm Pre will be available Jun 6! It will only be $200 on Sprint. Of course, you’ll have to sign up for a 2-year contract, but that’s not surprising.

Here were some of our thoughts on the Palm Pre when it was announced at CES.

Although most folks seeing the Pre at CES were pretty impressed, a user on the EverythingPre forums wasn’t quite as complimentary. Of course, we’ll get a better idea once thousands of people get their hands on this phone.

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