Palm Pre pretty much sells out on launch day

The general word is that most Palm Pres have sold out. Released yesterday, many Sprint and Best Buy stores were sold out before noon and then were only busy putting people’s names on waiting lists. While the lines may have not been as long as when the iPhone first came out, the hype that Apple built up prior to its release was certainly an order of magnitude larger. No matter.

A very rough average of the number of units doled out to the 1200 Sprint, Best Buy and Radio Shack seems to be somewhere around 50. This works out to only 60,000 units [disclaimer – this is a WAG]. This seems like a very small number. I hope they’ve got another shipment coming soon, like in the next week.

On the bright side, new owners seem to be quite happy with the new smartphone gadgets. Congrats Palm. Now get moving on producing more units!