Apple tried to buy Palm

It turns out that even Apple and Google tried to buy Palm, despite the wails and moans about the bleak outlook of the company, even with its new webOS and phones.

I still think this was a good buy for HP. They’ll be able to take and use webOS in more ways than the other possible suitors. Google probably would not have used webOS (they have Android), or at most sucked in the best parts to Android. They also probably don’t want to be in the phone hardware business.

As for Apple, the ‘patent theory’ seems right, especially with NTP now going after the rest of the big phone makers, after taking a nice bite out of RIM.

I’m sure too that HP was looking for a upgrade of sorts for their iPAQs (remember those?). But as with all such things, time will tell if this works out for HP.

via Business Insider

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