Verizon super discounts Palm Pre and Pixi Plus

palm pre plus for verizonWow, wow, wow. You can now get a brand new Palm Pre Plus on Verizon for only $50 and we even saw it on for $29.99!

Verizon and Palm are mum on what this really means, even though Palm is saying that the Pre and Pixi will appear on AT&T soon.

Oh, you’ll also get the Mobile Hotspot (turn your phone into a WiFi router) app for the Palm thrown in for free.


  1. I wanted the Pre because I had one as a work phone, but since I recieved such a good deal in the Pixi I decided to try it. I like it a lot. With the free hotspot feature, its like the phone paid for it self. The price for the value was incredible because I know how expensive a full retail phone can be.

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