Khaki TV Visor

Khaki TV Visor The Khaki TV Visor fits most MP3 players including the iPod and iPhone and provides a movie theater experience or virtual reality experience on the go.

The TV Visor experience sets you apart from the crowd. The earbuds supply an amazing surround sound home theater like quality, and the unique specially designed magnification system with adjustable focal length provides the quality and resolution you expect from systems costing hundreds of dollars. TV Visor’s optical resolution meets or exceeds wear-on eyeglass with battery powered viewers. No batteries are required! Your expensive iPod, iPhone or MP3 player fits snugly in a secure pouch and is protected from the elements. Holes are provided so you can use your camera without glare, even at the beach, while sand stays away from your gear.

TV Visor blocks out sound and light, turning an ordinary experience into an extraordinary theater experience. You will be engrossed in your favorite TV Show or YouTube movie in no time. Try it, and you won’t put TV Visor down.

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Review: Stargate 15th anniversary Blu-ray DVD

It seems like the original Stargate movie was released more than 15 years, what with the 3 TV series, books and additional merchandising that have come since. However, it has been 15 years and to celebrate and commemorate it, Lionsgate has released a special Blu-ray version of the movie that includes over 4 additional hours of features. We had a chance to review the DVD recently.

Apart from the original theatrical release, the DVD also includes an extended director’s cut that adds just under 10 minutes of additional footage. Top fans will appreciate this cut. What was more important to me was that the movies were remastered in 1080p Hi-Def widescreen with 7.1 DTS audio. The picture was stunning.

Other features (or in some cases, named ‘featurettes’) included an interactive game, a gag reel, an audio commentary version of the movie narrated by the director/producer/writers Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, and 5 short pieces that like the “Making of Stargate” documentary and “Is there a Stargate?” which explored whether aliens have visited Earth.

I wouldn’t buy the DVD for the interactive game which I found to be way too slow, didn’t show the correct answers, and with very long gap between questions that you can’t skip past.

I also found the gag reel to be too esoteric for my taste and forgettable.

However, I very much liked the additional ‘featurettes’:

  • “Is There a Stargate” – although misnamed, this piece asked the question whether aliens have ever visited Earth. They could have gone the traditional route of debunking it, but instead decided on the more fun, interesting point of view, providing some of the evidence gathered by writer Erich von Daniken.
  • “Deciphering the Gate: Casting & Concepts”, “Opening the Gate: The Making of the Movie”, “Passing Through the Gate: The Legacy”, “The Making-of Stargate” – I really liked these featurettes. They were informative, gives fans insights into the history of the movie without running on too long.

Although I personally didn’t think the extended cut really added that much more to the movie, hardcore fans will probably appreciate it. All in all, for a reasonable price (under $20), you can now add the Stargate movie to your collection in all its remastered glory.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

MovieWedge – props up your portable video player

Do you have a portable video player? Do you find it a pain to hold it or to try to find something that’s just right to lean it against to watch a movie? Well, look no more. The MovieWedge is a triangular beanbag that can be used with practically any portable video/mp3 player and on practically any surface. As it’s a beanbag, you can adjust the viewing angle however you like.

One other bonus – the soft microsuede covering can be used to clean the screen of your player.

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GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 22, 2009

This past week on GfG, we featured FINIS’s new product – a heart rate monitor for swimmers. Palm have confirmed they will be rolling out the Palm Pre on June 6.

We took a look at the upcoming movie, Gamer, which has a different take on gaming in the future. Gmail has even more new features.

Coffee lovers rejoice. There are two new products out there: the Aerobie fresh coffee maker and the Aerolatte To Go milk frother.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor replica

Ah, Friday. Time for some gadget frivolity. Remember the Back to the Future movies? Love ’em? Love ’em so much you wish you had a Flux Capacitor in your car? Wishes do come true – here’s a replica that boasts movie accurate details.

It really looks like it’s working, well assuming you put in the 3 AA batteries it needs. Once you get to the future, you can outfit it with a garbage eating energy reactor (Mr. Fusion)! Read on for the quirky video…

Claymation Stop-Motion Studio

claymation-studioStop-motion videos are two-a-penny on YouTube at the moment and some of the biggest advertisers in the world are picking up on them. The Claymation stop-motion Studio 2.0 from Honestech will get your budding Steven Spielberg on his/her way to movie producing with this very simple to use piece of software. Think of the fun that could be had with LEGO and a digital camera.

This product aims to teach children about photography and movie production in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on multimedia. With it being so simple to use, we might even see some more grown up kids (40+?) using this to create their stop-motion films with great ease. All that’s needed is a digital camera and this relatively cheap piece of software, and you can make excellent standard stop-motion videos with lots of effects, including the option to add a background of your choice to your images.

By the way, we reviewed the excellent VHS to DVD 3.0 package from Honestech a while back.

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