Gmail Adds Rich Text Signatures

Just a few days, I went searching for a new way to automatically include HTML/rich text signatures into my e-mails in Gmail. Well now I don’t need to worry about that any more as Gmail has added rich text signatures directly to its interface.

Gmail Rich Text Signatures

Just head to your Settings page, and scroll down to the signature section. You can throw in links, images and format the text and links with various fonts and colors.

What’s additionally great is that you can have different signatures for the different from: e-mail addresses you use.

My 12 Favorite Apps for the iPad that Rock! – May 2010 Edition

iPad appsIn a couple of days I will have had my iPad for an entire month. In the past four weeks, my laptop and desktop machines have seen a considerable drop in use from me as the iPad has taken over several functions I had used them for.

The apps represented in my Top 12 Favorite iPad Apps are the ones that have helped the most with this transition plus a few other iPad apps that simply have caught my fancy.

I have a feeling this list will continue to change on a weekly basis with a few exceptions (the top 4 or 5 for example).

Let’s get started with the countdown with #12…

MailboxForwarding receives, scans your mail, makes it available on the Web

Remember Zumbox which offers you the ability to receive mail virtually instead of at your doorstep? Well what if you’re still getting physical mail, but need to get to it from anywhere? MailboxForwarding is a company that will receive your forwarded mail and optionally scan its contents for you. You can then retrieve info about the piece of mail (and/or its contents) online.

mailboxforwarding steps

You can then decide whether you want that piece of mail re-forwarded or shredded. MbF also handles packages and can also handle mail from practically any carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.). Additionally, you can have your mail sent directly to MbF instead of to your home address.

Plans start at $9.99/mo for handling 40 pieces of mail, including 10 scans.

Receive your snail mail virtually with a Zumbox

I much prefer to receive e-mail than snail mail (unless they’re checks!) and so I’m really like the idea of this new service called Zumbox. It’s a paperless mail/postal system. Zumbox has created a virtual mailbox for each street address in the US and anyone can send virtual mail to your Zumbox mailbox.

Now, this is not the same as your e-mail address, but something you need to sign into which works well because you don’t necessarily need to check your snail mail every single day, nor would I want all that advertising coming straight to my e-mail inbox.

The best part is that it’s free. In case you’re wondering what the catch is, they probably are able to resell their service to marketers and advertisers, so yeah, your virtual mailbox may end up being clogged with virtual spam, but hey, better than my actual mailbox.

Hit to sign up and claim your mailing address.

Gmail’s 2 latest features: Translation and Import from other accounts

Gmail has 2 cool new features. The first can be really useful for those of us who frequently get e-mail from all over the world – language translation. Just head into your Gmail Labs section, look for Message Translation and enable. Messages in foreign languages will now have a link to translate. I was surprised that some Chinese messages were translated into very readable text.

Gmail rolls out e-mail Autopilot

Autopilot is the latest Gmail Labs product and it’s a doozy. If you are innundated with e-mail, and need some more efficient way to deal with it, including replying, then consider Autopilot.

Simply set some settings like Brevity, and Capitalization and let Autopilot write those e-mails for you. Autopilot looks at your past history to get a feel for your writing style.

New free Webmail service –

There’s a new kid on the Webmail block – GMX Internet Services, Inc. claims to have over 10 million Internet mail accounts, and has attracted 100,000 users in the beta testing of their new webmail service. Built with a lot of AJAX features, the GMX interface resembles Outlook and Hotmail more than Gmail or even Yahoo Mail, and sports 5GB of storage.

Here are my initial thoughts where I compare GMX mainly to Gmail as that’s my primary webmail client.

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