MailboxForwarding receives, scans your mail, makes it available on the Web

Remember Zumbox which offers you the ability to receive mail virtually instead of at your doorstep? Well what if you’re still getting physical mail, but need to get to it from anywhere? MailboxForwarding is a company that will receive your forwarded mail and optionally scan its contents for you. You can then retrieve info about the piece of mail (and/or its contents) online.

mailboxforwarding steps

You can then decide whether you want that piece of mail re-forwarded or shredded. MbF also handles packages and can also handle mail from practically any carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.). Additionally, you can have your mail sent directly to MbF instead of to your home address.

Plans start at $9.99/mo for handling 40 pieces of mail, including 10 scans.