Gadget Gifts – Ideas, Recommendations, Suggestions

We’ve put together a list of gadget gifts for the gizmo-lover in your life. These aren’t just great for the Christmas holiday season but any time of year. For the most part, we’ve tried to stay away from the usual and obvious electronic gadgets like MP3 players, phones and cameras, but instead bring you a variety of neat electronic gift ideas and in most cases useful items that are still worth their salt as far as gadgets go.


Let’s start with some toys/puzzles/games. Perplexus is a spherical 3-D maze with a ball bearing that you to need to navigate around a maze. Simply to learn, hard to solve and master!
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Quirky turns ideas into products

Do you have an idea for what you think will be the next ‘big thing’? But you don’t have any idea how you would go about turning it into a reality? Or even if it really is a good idea.

Well then take a look at Quirky, an online community and company that will take your idea and possibly turn it into a product. Possibly? Why? Well your idea may not get the votes to be the one chosen that week.

It does cost $99 to submit your idea, but should it be chosen, then you stand to gain up to 30% of every dollar that invested at Quirky. Also, even if you’re not the idea person, but were an ‘influencer’ or heavy contributor to the overall idea, then you also stand to earn something as well.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2008: Smarthome’s Gift Ideas

Smarthome has a nicely organized set of gift ideas for you. Before you dismiss Smarthome as just a store for home automation goodies, think again. They have thousands of very useful gadgets for not just your home, but your pets, traveling, the garden, and for your very own personal comfort. One nice thing about Smarthome is that they personally test products before they include it for sale on their site – we know, we’ve actually seen them in action!

Order quickly (and enough!) and you’ll get free shipping, as well as discounts starting at $15 up to $60 off your total order.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2008: TVs!

Ok, so you just got a TiVo from the last suggestion, but now you’ve got to watch all of that recorded material on something good. No, something great. Something big. Something in a flat-screen: LCD or Plasma!

Both LCDs and Plasmas have come way down in price over the last few years. After all, you can find deals for 42″ screens for well under $1000 now.

We like the 52″ LCD Samsung pictured, but you can get your choice of LCD or Plasma. If you can afford it, then try to get a 1080p TV and heck if you have the room, get something that is at least 37″!

Holiday Gift Ideas 2008: TiVo!

Once you start watching TV using a DVR, you know you can’t go back. It beats watching live TV by oh, at least 1 million miles!

If you’ve got a friends or family who don’t have a DVR (TiVo or built into their cable/satellite box, or a homebrew system or something similar), then this can be a great gift.

Right now TiVo is offering a deal of 3 months FREE with a subscription.

A brand new TiVo Series2รขโ€žยข Dual Tuner DVR is $149.99 or a brand new TiVo HD DVR is $299.99.

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