LED Pacifier

LED Pacifier Happy Father’s Day!

As a father, you know your baby wants to be stylish and modern so why not allow your baby to suck away on their own super cool LED Pacifier?

The LED Pacifier is a quality pacifier with an orthodontic nipple, yup… we said nipple! The LED light turns on and off and is good for 6,000 flashes of crib party action. Pop in this pacifier and your baby will be a shining, colorful beacon of geekiness!

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Price: $4.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Table Stabilizer Keychain

Key Table Stabalizer Don’t you hate going to a restaurant only to have the table shake back and forth. Sure, you can put your foot on a leg and try to stabilize the table, but that gets annoying after a few minutes. What you need is something to shove under the leg that’s raised up… and that’s where this Stabilizer Key can help.

At less than $5, this gizmo can be easily carried and stabilize any table. This Table Stabilizer Key could be an inexpensive and utilitarian gift for Father’s Day.

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Price: $4.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Metal Detecting Sandals

Metal Detecting Sandals

We’re ever looking for ways to save time and become more efficient in today’s world and this idea is no exception. Presenting the Metal Detecting Sandals, allowing you to detect metal while you walk via a sensor built into the sole up to 2 feet deep; a control box is then strapped to your leg to translate the signals from the ground into something a bit more meaningful.

When an item is found, the device alerts you with a flashing red or a gentle vibration or buzz. I can’t think of any better way to ruin a perfect romantic walk on the beach by a loud alarm signalling you’ve found a cent buried 2 feet underground!

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Price: $59.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

NTT DoCoMo tests out Wearable Remote Controls

Wrist watch remote control

NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese mobile operator, have been working on some wearable gadgets that can be programmed to react to your movements. Applications have been demonstrated where a user can simply ‘dart’ their eyes in order to fast forward to the next track on an MP3 player (might get some odd looks when you’re out in public) by sensing the electrical current produced by your eyeballs, and a wrist watch that allows wearers to use their arms as a programmable remote cotrol! NTT DoCoMo have also suggested that these may be adapted for mobile use to play video games, read their email and even shop online – watch this space!

via InventorSpot

Living With The Wii Fit

We have been using our Wii Fit for just over a month and it has been a fun addition to our household activities. The kids have their favourite games (ahem exercises) of course and we have used it so much we have had to change the batteries already! Overall it has been a worth while purchase and I now wonder why I put off getting one for so long!

I have been wondering if there are any other games around that use the Wii Fit board – can any Gizmos readers recommend anything? It has to be relatively straight forward so my under fives can play it too.

Other than that the music game looks quite fun.

What Is A Gizmo?

The Nokia Morph Concept

We often use the words Gizmo and Gadget here at Gizmos for Geeks (as the name suggests), but what do they mean? The first thing is that “Gizmo” and “Gadget” pretty much mean the same thing, so this post could easily be titled ‘What Is A Gadget?

Princeton defines gizmos as ‘devices or controls that are very useful for a particular job’. A good starting point, although defines a gizmo as something ‘whose name is forgotten or unknown’ or a ‘novelty item used as a gimmick’. These definitions echo around the internet on various dictionary sites.

So a gizmo/gadget can be one of 2 things: something that is really helpful and useful to get a job done, or something that is completely useless and is just made for the novelty factor.

But, we like to think a gadget is anything that’s technologically cool, like most of the stuff we feature here on Gizmos for Geeks!

First look at the Nokia N96

I recently got a good look at the Nokia N96 which brought my attention to the accelerometer in particular the moving ball and light sabre application which are cool novelties – my kids love swishing the light sabre around even though they have never seen Star Wars (come on – they are under 3!).

My current phones of choice are the Nokia E71 for business and the Nokia N95 8GB for personal use so it was interesting to look at this new device which is a mild step up from the N95 8GB.

One of the most striking differences is the cleaner, flatter interface and the more streamlined design of the device – it looks a lot more attractive and a step up from the N95 but still has some way to go to meet the solid feel of the E71. The keypad buttons are another major difference – this time following the flat clean design that is becoming popular in new devices. Internally the 16GB memory and the memory card slot are welcome additions but the Micro USB type B interface is a new replacement for the previous standard Micro USB connector.

Click the link to read more about my first impressions of the Nokia N96.

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