The Social Web gets its own set of movie trailers

We all really relate to movies, don’t we? We jump to see movie-versions of books and compelling news stories. Well how about a movie version of the origins of Facebook? Well, that’s actually coming to a movie theater near you this Fall. It’s called “The Social Network“. The trailer is after the jump.

But not to be left out, some other aspiring, comedic filmmakers have put out their own versions of ‘trailers’ for movies about YouTube and now Twitter!

Chit Chat: Facebook Chat program for Windows

Chit Chat Facebook IM ClientIf you’re tired of logging into Facebook’s website in order to use the chat feature, then you have a number of options, in the way of desktop programs that let you chat with your Facebook friends.

One such client program is Chit Chat, which is dedicated to Facebook Chat. This is a reasonably lightweight application (about 15-25MB RAM when active) for Windows XP/Vista/7. It will let you know if your connection gets dropped and what the errors are.

Of course, if you’re still a multi-platform Instant Messenger user, we would still recommend that you get something like Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin or meebo, which support Facebook as well as older IM platforms like Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, etc. But if you’re new to chat/IM, and are a heavy Facebooker, then Chit Chat is better suited app for you.

Facebook may still be battling its members regarding its privacy policy, but they certainly made a very smart move when they decided to capitalize on their enormous user base and implement a chat function.

Google jumps into the social web with Buzz; goes up against Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Google rolled out its latest product, called Google Buzz [announcement], this time in the social networking arena. Buzz is built into Gmail and has tight integration with your e-mail inbox.

You can share links, photos and videos directly from within Gmail and it uses your existing set of Gmail contacts. You can see what your friends are sharing and Buzz also recommends items based on your activity.

Netgear Stora – store, backup, share and stream your music, photos, video and data

As consumers generate or collect an ever-increasing amount of digital content in the form of photos, music and especially videos, home storage solutions are growing in popularity. But what’s also becoming more important is that this content is accessible from anywhere and not just in the home. Netgear is one of the companies trying to solve this problem, and one of such product that fits the bill is the Stora MS2110.

The Stora has a very consumer-dedicated website that shows off all of its sharing and streaming capabilities, such as:

  • share your photos and videos with your friends
  • access your files from the Internet
  • stream music to your phone
  • push photos to your Facebook or Flickr accounts
  • Back-up your PCs and/or Macs

The Stora can hold 2 SATA hard drives, so you can mirror the data if you’d like for more protection. It ships with one 1TB drive for lots of initial storage.

Just one word of warning. Some of these features, particularly the sharing/access-over-the-Internet is only possible with a premium $20/yr service via Netgear’s Stora service. See the differences in features here.

Buy now!

More info from the manufacturer
Price: $199.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Facebook revamping privacy controls

If you read this blog, there’s a pretty good chance you’re also a Facebook user. If so, and you care about your privacy, you should probably set aside some time to take a look at Facebook’s new privacy controls when they are rolled out to you.

Facebook is in the midst of reorganizing the controls that users have to their privacy settings. Currently, those settings can be found on multiple pages.

In a recent press conference call, Facebook also announced that they will be ditching regional networks as only half of the members even joined them or joined the ‘wrong’ ones.

Zensify – Social Networking App for iPhone and iPod Touch


Zensify is an app available for both iPhone and iPod Touch that brings together all your social networking sites in one, easy to view page enabling you to view all your social network updates simultaneously without having to load each page individually.

Currently only available for iPhone and iPod, if you dig a little deeper to the sole investors of Zensify – Ipex – they say that other mobile platforms will be supported later this year. Stay tuned.

Snag your own Facebook username Fri night

Starting at 12:01AM Eastern Time (9:01PM for us West Coasters), Facebook is opening up the floodgates to let people choose their own usernames. First come, first get.

So now you can get straight to your FB page with a URL of http://www.facebook.com/johnsmith for example. If you’ve got an accent in your name (or want one), then you’re out of luck for now.

Choose well! If you read the FAQ, you’ll see that you can’t edit it, change it or transfer it once you choose your username.

GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 29, 2009

This week saw us yearning after some ‘appliance 2.0’ technology including ‘connected’ washers/dryers and a freezer failure sensor kit.

We reviewed a poster printing service which we thought was pretty good.

The Easy iPod Media Sharer‘s name says it all – useful family gadget. We do love our Gmail; their new lab is cool – an Inbox Preview feature.

We feel that President Obama is taking the right approach in creating a Cyber Czar position.

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