Chit Chat: Facebook Chat program for Windows

Chit Chat Facebook IM ClientIf you’re tired of logging into Facebook’s website in order to use the chat feature, then you have a number of options, in the way of desktop programs that let you chat with your Facebook friends.

One such client program is Chit Chat, which is dedicated to Facebook Chat. This is a reasonably lightweight application (about 15-25MB RAM when active) for Windows XP/Vista/7. It will let you know if your connection gets dropped and what the errors are.

Of course, if you’re still a multi-platform Instant Messenger user, we would still recommend that you get something like Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin or meebo, which support Facebook as well as older IM platforms like Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, etc. But if you’re new to chat/IM, and are a heavy Facebooker, then Chit Chat is better suited app for you.

Facebook may still be battling its members regarding its privacy policy, but they certainly made a very smart move when they decided to capitalize on their enormous user base and implement a chat function.