Google eBookstore Online

Google’s eBookstore has opened their virtual doors with the goal of capturing some market share away from other eBookstore’s including Amazon for the Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Kobo from Borders with over 3 million titles from some 4,000 publishers. Google provides a web reader but the iOS and Android apps have… Continue reading Google eBookstore Online

iPad Thoughts after a Week

Few product releases have polarized and gained as much attention as the Apple iPad release… even between the Geeks at Gizmos for Geeks. I pre-ordered the device within 30 minutes of the Apple Store taking pre-orders and received the unit the morning of release. Here are my thoughts and opinions from my first week with… Continue reading iPad Thoughts after a Week

CES 2010: Plastic Logic and Skiff Join the eReader Club

Two more vendors join what promises to become a crowded field this year – Plastic Logic and Skiff. Plastic Logic who had previously announced their QUE proReader, premiered it at CES and says it’s aimed at business professionals. The QUE has a shatterproof 8.5″x11″ plastic touchscreen display, is 0.33″ thick and weighs 1lb. It displays… Continue reading CES 2010: Plastic Logic and Skiff Join the eReader Club

CES 2010: Spring Design’s Alex – Dual-Screen E-Reader

Spring Design jumps into the e-book market with its Alex which is another dual-screen reader. It is yet another product running on Google’s Android OS, and features mobile browsing via WiFi and via 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM. The top screen is a 6″ monochrome e-paper (e-Ink) screen while the smaller lower screen is a 3.5″… Continue reading CES 2010: Spring Design’s Alex – Dual-Screen E-Reader

CES 2010: enTourage eDGe – Dual-Screen Netbook and eReader

As we predicted, here’s another eBook reader. The eDGe from enTourage is not just an e-reader, but a netbook, notepad and A/V recorder/player. It is also unique in that it is a dual-screen device. Includes a SD card, USB flash drive and WiFi. The eReader screen is a 9.7″ diagonal with a resolution of 1200… Continue reading CES 2010: enTourage eDGe – Dual-Screen Netbook and eReader’s Kindle DX

Amazon’s latest Kindle model, the Kindle DX, ships today for a flat price of $489. The biggest differences between the DX and the Kindle 2 are the larger 9.7″ diagonal screen, a native PDF reader, and the larger 3.3GB storage (roughly 3500 books). Another new feature is auto-rotate which is pretty nice for formats like… Continue reading’s Kindle DX acquires Lexcycle, maker of e-book app Stanza now owns Lexcycle, maker of iPhone e-book app Stanza. Stanza, which is free, allows users to read more than 100,000 books and newspapers that mostly formatted in open standard format ePub. Hopefully, Amazon does not change its free status, but instead builds on it and potentially integrates it into Kindle.

Search inside over 10,000 magazines with Zinio

Did you know that you can search the text in over 10,000 magazines with Zinio? Instead of waiting by the mail for your favorite magazines to show up, you get to view them on your computer/laptop the minute they’re available and with the added benefit of not cutting down additional trees. Once you subscribe, you’ll… Continue reading Search inside over 10,000 magazines with Zinio