CES 2010: Plastic Logic and Skiff Join the eReader Club

Two more vendors join what promises to become a crowded field this year – Plastic Logic and Skiff.

Plastic Logic who had previously announced their QUE proReader, premiered it at CES and says it’s aimed at business professionals. The QUE has a shatterproof 8.5″x11″ plastic touchscreen display, is 0.33″ thick and weighs 1lb.

It displays PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs and can check e-mail from Outlook. It connects to the Net via WiFi and 3G. With 2 models starting at $649, Plastic Logic faces a tough battle with the likes of the Kindle, Nook and others.

plastic logic que e-reader

Skiff previewed their Skiff Reader teaming with Sprint for 3G connectivity for the device. The Skiff Reader is a full touchscreen 1200×1600 pixel display measuring 11.5″ diagonally. Skiff plans to roll out an e-book store, although they will have a hard climb up against established book vendors like amazon.com and Barnes & Noble who already have large ebook stores.

At this point, the Skiff Reader is mostly vaporware as no price or availability have been announced.

skiff ebook reader