iPad Thoughts after a Week

Overall, I feel that the device will live or die by the apps created and the first killer app has to be the eReader apps to consume eBooks. While the device is being touted as a consumption device to consume eBooks, media and information, I plan to use the device as a creation tool as well (as evidenced by this article) so apps like WordPress and the iWorks suite will be heavily used by me. With that said, the device provides an incredible interface for viewing information from movies to photos and even replacing your iPod by playing music too. Finally, I plan to use the iPad heavily for communication including email, Twitter and IM.

Reviewing the device has been interesting since I really cannot compare its features with any other device. For a first generation product, I really am impressed with how solid the device performs including the apps that have been released already.

Overall, I am still happy with the device especially regarding the size, screen and responsiveness. I am looking forward to additional apps coming online and the major OS upgrade due out later this year. So far, my biggest disappointment involves an accessory (review forthcoming) for the iPad. Additionally, the device collects fingerprints and needs to be wiped several times a day. For some reason, Apple forgot to include a cloth wipe though.

I must admit, when the iPad was first announced I was not too impressed or even interested in purchasing the device. By the time the device was to be delivered, I was never more excited about a gizmo. I’ve spent more on iPad apps ($80) than I ever did on iPod/iPhone apps ($12) which is nice for Apple and the developers. Easily the biggest change I’ve noticed in my life is that I no longer check non-corporate email on a computer but instead I exclusively use the iPad.

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  2. “By the time the device was to be delivered, [I had managed to work myself into a fanboy lather over this crippled netbook.]”

    Fixed that for you. =oP

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  4. I must admit I never considered myself a fanboy, but I haven’t been this excited about a product since peanut butter was accidentally introduced to chocolate many years ago. Thanks for the alternate phrasing Nacho.

  5. Khalid J Hosein

    Mmm… I do love me some PB & chocolate. Make an iPad as cheap as Reese's and I'll think about it. 😉

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