AT&T to Start Selling Business iPads Directly

While Verizon will start to sell iPads directly to consumers shortly, AT&T Inc. said today they will start selling the Apple iPad direct to businesses through the corporate customer unit. All three iPad WiFi and 3G models will be directly for sale to business customers as well as postpaid mobile broadband price plans for the… Continue reading AT&T to Start Selling Business iPads Directly

Wikipedia to Expand Operations

The Wikimedia Foundation which operates Wikipedia, Wikinews and other related sites, plans to more than double its staff in the next year. The hope is to double the number of visitors to their site and to launch new Wikipedia encyclopedias in more languages. via New York Times

The beginning of the end? AOL to go its own way Dec 9

Back in the mid-90s, I really thought that AOL (America Online) couldn’t keep competing against the tidalwave of new ISPs that were offering Internet connectivity for much less, not to mention without the horrible bandwidth-sucking AOL application in an age of dial-up modems. I was quite wrong. Relatively few knew about those ‘other’ ISPs and… Continue reading The beginning of the end? AOL to go its own way Dec 9

T-Mobile may snap up Sprint-Nextel

T-Mobile may put in a bid to acquire Sprint-Nextel in the next few weeks according to a UK source. I don’t see the point of this other than to be able to tout huge numbers of customers. Sprint is still losing money, particularly after their purchase of Nextel. As far as technologies go, integration will… Continue reading T-Mobile may snap up Sprint-Nextel

GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 29, 2009

This week saw us yearning after some ‘appliance 2.0’ technology including ‘connected’ washers/dryers and a freezer failure sensor kit. We reviewed a poster printing service which we thought was pretty good. The Easy iPod Media Sharer‘s name says it all – useful family gadget. We do love our Gmail; their new lab is cool –… Continue reading GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 29, 2009 acquires Lexcycle, maker of e-book app Stanza now owns Lexcycle, maker of iPhone e-book app Stanza. Stanza, which is free, allows users to read more than 100,000 books and newspapers that mostly formatted in open standard format ePub. Hopefully, Amazon does not change its free status, but instead builds on it and potentially integrates it into Kindle.

Blockbuster offered to buy Circuit City. Zah?

News came out today that Blockbuster offered to buy out Circuit City at a premium over their then valuation. Beats me why they would do this. CC turned them down (also another head-scratcher), b/c they said they were unsure about the financing. Why isn’t Blockbuster going after Netflix. Seems that their biggest problem. via CNET