Article Recap for the Week ending Apr 3, 2009

Here’s our usual weekly summary of featured items from Gizmos For Geeks:

Starting off the week were a set of novelty Stone Ice Cubes – just the ticket if you worry about harming the planet when making ice cubes. We also featured a set of kitchen scales that has a neat pull out display.

We wondered out loud about whether or not you should jump on the Twitter bandwagon.

For those of you worried about security or just like the added conveniences and coolness factor, this doorlock might just be for you, or maybe you could just travel to the future to see if you’re going to need one with this Flux Capacitor!

Jobs have been in the news recently, so it seemed fair to post an interesting video about the Job Market and reported that workers who are allowed to surf the web at work have increased productivity!

Finally,  poor ol’ Silicon Graphics Inc. has filed for bankruptcy once again and has been bought out by Rackable Sytems.

GfG Article Recap – Week of Mar 20 2009

Here is last week’s featured gadgets and news items at Gizmos for Geeks:

To start off the week, we took a look at Legacy Locker – a rather needed innovation that allows you to pass down important account details for your online ‘assets’ in the case of your death.

We found two interesting pieces of software: Claymation’s Stop-Motion Studio Tool that allows the user to make their own stop-motion movies and Palringo – a mobile messaging service that allows you to mix up all the major IMs with and chat to groups all in one.

Dell just rolled out their Adamo Notebook which is essentially Dell’s response to the MacBook Air – thin & stylish.

Rebit’s 160GB Automatic Backup Device makes it quite easy to backup your data regularly.

Got $40k laying around? Get a Novelquest Emporer Workspace – a very high end workspace that puts you inside the spine of what can only be described as a giant dinosaur. On a more practical note, the Just One Club Card’ allows you to put all of your loyalty cards’ barcodes onto just one card.

Sony got together with Google to put 500,000 free public domain books onto their eReaders. You can save money (possibly up to 90%) on international calls by using Vopium on your mobile.

In perhaps a sign of things to come, a new magazine from Popular Science called the Genius Guide is being rolled out online only.

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