Sprint, loopt Offers GPS Friend-Mapping Service


Sprint Nextel and loopt have teamed up to offer a new GPS service that lets you see where your friends and family are on a map. Also available on the Boost Mobile network, the loopt service also lets you geo-tag places so that it’s easy for you and your friends to find in the future.

In case you’re worried about privacy, this is completely permissions-based, so the whole world can’t necessarily track you. What I’m curious about is how easy it is to turn on and off. Is it as easy as say putting the phone on vibrate or do I have to navigate a bunch of menus first?

One thing that isn’t clear from the loopt site is whether or not you can see friends on different cell networks. If not, then I can see Sprint pushing this to drive up their subscriber #s, and if they don’t, well… I don’t get it.

via Boy Genius Report.

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