MetroNaps Pushes Their EnergyPod for Power Napping


I’ve always been a big proponent of naps, particularly during the day. I think the Spanish got it right, but us overworked Americans just think that taking a nap in the middle of the day is the epitome of laziness. Ironically, a New York-based company called MetroNaps may change the tide on that thinking. They have a futuristic looking product called the EnergyPod that allows folks to take quick power naps.

The EnergyPod has a canopy that comes down over the sleeper’s upper body so that they have privacy, and a barrier from light and sound. At the end of their nap, they are awakened by a combination of light and vibration.

MetroNaps had already rolled out EnergyPods in Britain, Germany, & Australia. Here’s hoping it takes off over all of corporate America. BTW, if you’ve never taken a power nap (20 minutes), give it a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it works. And in case you’re thinking this is a lot of nonsense, just take a look at some of the research done on the subject.

via TrendHunter.

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