Spider and Insect Catch and Release Tool

Spider and Insect Catch and Release Tool Do you believe all living things have a right to live including spiders and other insects or are you sick of smashing bugs only to leave a smudge behind? This tool works cleanly, quickly and without harming the insect. It has an easy-squeeze hand trigger which opens the specially designed bristle head to gently collect the insect for capture. Once you have successfully grabbed the insect, you can transport it to your desired location and release it without harm. There is no need to smash unwanted insects, leaving a horrible mess behind!

The tool is nearly 26 inches long which keeps you a safe distance from the insect you are attempting to collect even those hairy jumping wolf-spider mixed breeds. The handle allows you to reach pests in awkward corners or on the ceiling.

Finally, to help you practice and prepare for your first battle with a pest, the product includes an imitation spider to practice your capture techniques.

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Price: $14.99

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