Interactive Praying Mantis Habitat

Praying Mantis Pagoda Here’s an interesting summer vacation science project for kids (and weird adults)… an Interactive Praying Mantis Habitat and Learning Center. The kit teaches you about the life cycle, insect biology, and caring for living praying mantises.

Starting as eggs that then mature into nymps, where the nymps grow and shed their exoskeletons multiple times until maturing into a fully grown winged mantis. Orient your learners to the life cycle of the mantis as you watch anywhere from 75 to 200 nymphs hatch from a live egg case in the adorable Asian-themed habitat. Special hanging mantis-hatching platform makes care easy. Once the mantises have reached maturity they can be released into nature or around your garden. Organic gardeners who want to avoid pesticides use mantises as a form of biological pest control.

And if the Praying Mantis breaks free from its bonds, you could always use your Insect Catch and Release Tool!

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