White Noise Generator Helps You Shut Out Auditory Distractions

If you suffer from distracting background noise where you’re working you might want to take a look at Speech Privacy System’s White Noise Generator. The website does exactly what it says in the name – generates white noise so that you can ‘concentrate’ on your work.

A few different ‘white noises’ are available – waterfall, wind, static (‘traditional’ white noise), rainfall and beach but they all sound fairly similar to me. You also have the option of playing around with different balances of these and varying the volume variations. There is also a premium version for $15 a year, which gives you more features and a desktop app.

Finally, if this is something you’d like round your house, you can buy physical white noise generators for use around the home. Fun?

By the way, I wrote this article while listening to the generator on the waterfall setting!

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Price: free or $14.99/year for the premium edition
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