TaHomA – Stylish Home Automation and Energy Saving Gizmo

TaHomA (Total Home Automation) by Somfy Systems is a great-looking total home automation device that can be used to control HA products around your home.

It was initially built to control your motorized shades, blinds and thermostats but has been expanded to also control your lighting and climate control devices using Somfy’s proprietary Z-Wave and Radio Technology.

The technology means that parts of your house can be controlled from anywhere in the world via computer. Some of the pre-programmed sequences allow for energy saving too, for example in summer the blinds can be closed to keep the house cool, and the thermostat can be set to automatically kick off when motion is detected. The reverse is true in the winter months.

The software for the device is intuitive and user friendly, with a real ‘Web 2.0’ feel to it. All settings can be accessed via any computer, or iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Pricing and availability is still hazy. A full list of what you can control is here.