Sanyo’s Eneloop Rechargeable Battery Powered Bike

Eneloop Bike SeriesSanyo’s new application for their Eneloop range of rechargeable batteries is their bike series – a fairly standard electric bike where the battery is charged up while you cycle and the power is released by pressing a button on the handlebars.

At this point the bike goes into ‘all-wheel’ mode, i.e. both wheels will be powered instead of just the rear wheel on a standard bicycle. What differentiates this bike from other electric ones is that it manages to charge the battery even whilst you’re slowing down – that extra power does help in the long run too.

What the Eneloop Bike does is allows those that would usually travel by car the chance to ride by bike as they will take the health benefits of cycling, yet when tired you can simply flick a switch to give you that extra power – especially useful up hills. The price tag of $2000 is a little steep, but if you use it enough this will dwarf the cost of fuel you put in your vehicle. You’re also helping to save the planet by using this method of transport; it’s all worth it!

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Price: $1,999.99
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