Review: TVClean LCD/Screen roller cleaner

tvcleanIf you have a big-screen LCD or Plasma TV and/or computer monitors, then eventually you will need to clean them. However, you can’t just use a household glass cleaner and/or an abrasive cleaning cloth or paper towel. Although your cloth may seem smooth, it’s not, at least not to a TV screen. Using those can lead to micro-scratches that will lead to a hazy screen.

Now sprays and microfiber cloths do exist that are safe for LCD screens, but it does take time to use those – spray and wipe and polish again. The TVClean makes this process at least twice as fast by using a roller. However, it’s not just a single lint-styled roller. It is a 2-part roller, with an adhesive roller and a (blue) transfer roller that picks up the particles and transfers it to the adhesive roll. Technologically, the blue roller is similar to what LCD manufacturers use to clean those screens before they box it up for sale.

The adhesive roll itself can be replenished by tearing off sheets until it’s done at which point, you can buy a replacement roll.

The video shows the roller in action. I thought that they went a bit too quickly for my taste, but even at that speed, the roller picks up most of the dust particles, particuarly the more visible specks. What I found is that when you’re that close to the screen, you notice more of the dust on the screen, particularly on a dark (or powered off) screen.

The roller will not pick up every single piece of dust on the first pass or at all. However, when you step away, you will be amazed at what a difference this makes. The included microfiber cloth can be used to clean those remaining specks of dust and/or to clean fingerprints and smudges.

Overall, I really like the TVclean roller, because it speeds up the whole cleaning process, and you no longer have to worry about cleaning dirty cloths.

You can get a TVclean combo kit that includes a microfiber cleaning cloth for £19.99 in the UK, or $29.99 in the US.

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