12 Gizmos for Christmas: #12 eBook Reading Device

Avid readers are turning digital with the latest eBook Reading Devices including Amazon’s Kindle, the Sony Digital Reader and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.  Popularity of eBook Readers has been increasing as thousands of books, newspapers, magazines and even blogs can be read and new features including wireless and WiFi access, additional storage space, longer battery life and even color touch screens hit the market.

Currently Kindle is King but many believe the Barnes & Noble Nook will dethrone Amazon from the top spot with features like WiFi, a color touch screen to view the book covers (like an iPod viewing album covers) and expandable memory.  If you want to give a Nook for Christmas, you’ll have to give a Holiday Certificate instead as the expected ship date is not until January 4th while the Kindle and Sony’s Digital Reader are available now.

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