12 Gizmos for Christmas: 2009 Edition

It’s that time of year again for the Geek’s picks for what we believe will be the hottest Gizmos for Christmas this year.  Usually the Geek’s release the picks in a countdown over 12 days, but this year we’re releasing our category picks up front!  Each day during the countdown we’ll release our top picks for the category of the day.

There were some changes in the technology world this year and the market’s response to the world downturn in the economy have helped shaped the order of this list.  For example, with the release of Windows 7, desktops and laptops have moved up the list with the first decent OS from Microsoft since XP in 8 years (that’s right, we’ve been living on XP since October 25, 2001!).  Another area with new technology emerging into the consumer market includes new back-lit (and edge-lit) techniques which has helped lower high-def television prices.  Additionally, Apple no longer is the only Multi-touch mobile devices released.

Without further ado, here’s our countdown…
12. eBook Reading Device
11. GPS
10. Digital SLR Camera
9. Mobile Phone
8. Blu-Ray Player
7. Gaming Devices
6. MP3 Player
5. Portable Digital Cameras and Camcorders
4. Games
3. Computers (Desktops/Laptops)
2. High-definition Televisions
1. Gadget Accessories

Check back daily for our picks and defense for each category!

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