Review: Mobile Multi-Stand 360 Smartphone Stand

Mobile Multi Stand 360 Smartphone StandUnlike the FoneStand which does not fold up, the next gadget, the Mobile Multi-Stand 360, is a portable smartphone stand that folds flat and slips into your pocket/bag, etc.

The MMS360 as it’s known for short, requires a little installation. You first need to take one of the 3 included self-adhesive foam dots and stick it to the back of your phone. These protrude perhaps 1/8″ and have a lip that allows it to slip inside the stand itself.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth what, a million? Take 45 seconds to watch how the stand works including how it rotates, and then I’ll tell you more about what you can’t really see in the video.

First of all, you do have to spend more than 10 seconds up front to ensure you stick the other half (the dot) on your phone, or you won’t be able to use all 3 of the positions on the MMS360 without your phone tipping over. Unfortunately, repositioning the lip means getting some adhesive remover to take it off as it’s a fairly strong bond.

Unlike the FoneStand, the MMS360 has more than just 2 possible positions and angles – although you can rotate the stand 360 degrees, it practically only has 2 angles – the 2nd being 90 degrees out of phase with the first. So with the 3 angles, you really have 6 positions, which is nice depending on your preference (from almost vertically standing to almost flat).

But that’s not the real value in this – it’s super light; put it in your pocket and you’ll forget it’s there, so it’s one more gadget accessory you can carry around without a weight worry.

Given how light it is, I really would have liked it to be wider, because I found that with my somewhat heavy phone, if I didn’t take an extra second (yes, I’m impatient sometimes!), the phone would tip over. A wider stand would be a quicker balance.

The MMS360 is only $5-6, and you can get it directly from the vendor, Amazon or eBay.

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    Nice one and this is the very important thing for your smart phone to protect from scratches and it will be give different and stylish look to your gadget.

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