Review: Empower Laptop Power Adapter

Small electronics manufacturer, Jacobsparts, sent us one of their very own power adapters to test out. We tried out an Empower AC Adapter Model JA-90-CD on an HP G62 laptop over a few weeks.

The Empower are nicely priced replacements for OEM power adapters and feature long cables (12 ft total between the AC and DC sides), thick 3.5mm DC cord, thermistor based thermal protection temporarily powers down the adapter in the event of overheating, a self-resetting fuse that provides over-current protection and a ferrite core on the DC side.

The Empower didn’t get too hot and it wasn’t too bulky (at about 9 oz), but I wouldn’t mind another version that is more travel-oriented (slimmer and with shorter cables). It charged up the laptop faster than the original adapter did, although not by much.

For the under $20 price, the Empower is not a bad choice if you’re in the market for a replacement or additional power adapter – perhaps you can stash one away in your suitcase or another part of your house so you don’t have to walk around with one all the time.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

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