Review: Mobee Magic Bar

Mobee Technology Magic Bar Wireless keyboards clean cords up around your workstation but tend to lose batteries at the worst times. Mobee Technologies created Magic Bar to work with Apple Wireless Keyboards and even the Apple Magic Trackpad. The Magic Bar is the World’s first inductive charger for the Apple Wireless Keyboard (and Magic Trackpad) and provides an eco-friendly alternative to maintain your Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad without requiring AA batteries.

Read after the break to learn how the product tested with the Geeks.

Mobee Technologies not only created an eco-friendly product but the product has Apple’s style. The Magic Bar matches the aluminum color of both the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad and provides an easy to dock circular interface with a curved bottom to support either the Keyboard or Trackpad. There is a light on top of the charger that illuminates as solid green when the docked device is fully charged. The light turns red when nothing is plugged in and blinks green when charging the device. There is a USB cable attached for power.

I’ve used the product for a couple months and now the product is just a part of my computer setup. Install was very easy as you unscrew where the AA batteries go and replace with a battery rod that screws into either your Wireless Keyboard or Wireless Trackpad. You need to also plug the USB cable in for power and then you are ready to inductively charge your Apple input devices.

Typically, the Wireless Keyboard is plugged in and once a week or so I’ll dock the Magic Trackpad overnight. To use the Magic Trackpad with the system, an extra battery needed to be purchased.

Overall, the product functions as needed and maintains a clean and stylish look. More importantly I don’t have to hunt for AA batteries at two in the morning during the middle of a working session on the computer.

Definitely worth the retail $39.90 price for the whole set that includes the USB cable, the Magic Bar inductive charger and one battery. The extra battery is only $10 less at retail for $29.90.


  1. This looks awesome and sounds pretty cool. Guess I'll need to get a wireless keyboard now! My only limitation was that I hate using batteries.

  2. This sounds great! I have always preferred wireless devices and accessories as I find wires a nuisance. But battery is always an issue. It's good that they are starting to work on improving battery concerns on wireless accessories like this keyboard.

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