Mountable Biometric Safe

Biometric Safe I’ve always wanted a Biometric Safe mounted in my home for my bearer bonds, loads of diamonds and secret paperwork I don’t want anyone else to read… you know, like in the James Bond flicks.

Now, for only $139.99 from Smarthome I can feel just like James Bond or actually more of like one of the many villains that always seem to capture 007 but fall short of killing him quickly with a gun themselves instead leaving the job up to a laser approaching the crotchular area or a pendulum of death with some sharp surface used to slice beef. Why spend the time trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with a unique way of killing the spy when you could just shoot the bloody basturd?

I digress… anyway, make sure you store your most valuable possessions in a safe that can’t be opened without your okay. Where some home safes require keys that can be copied or security codes that can be overridden, the Biometric Safe uses your unique fingerprint to allow access. Easily programmed with up to 30 different fingerprints, enough to allow access to your entire family, the Biometric Safe mounts securely in any location with the included hardware to store your jewelry, stocks, and important papers securely. Just make sure you don’t accidentally cut off your fingertips!