Slingbox and PCTV To Go in China

SlingboxHaving already reviewed the PCTV To Go and Slingbox a while back, I decided to revisit the technology during my stay in China.

I’m staying at a decently nice hotel with plug-in high speed Internet access so I thought watching TV from Atlanta in China would be a piece of cake. After all, in our 5+ hour layover in Tokyo, I was able to watch some TV and control the DirecTV TiVo system fine. While the Internet connection is stable in Beijing, I find that the bitrate varies tremendously so we see only choppy video and audio. This is the same across both systems. Unfortunately, I can’t watch choppy video and audio so both boxes will be unused until our next city (Chongqing City). Hopefully the 5-star hotel for under $100USD will provide a better connection.


  1. i have a slingbox pro in florida, and visited eight chinese cities in april and may, and am in kunming china now. bandwidth was the only issue, as you are finding. this varies from hotel to hotel, from unaccepable to amazingly good. it is a hotel to hotel issue, not city to city… chinese broadband service is very good.

    i had very good connection in chongqing.

    you should have a chinese, preferably a local, renegotiate your hotel rate…. as a foreigner, you will be paying much much more than you need to. i would also suggest you find out about the english corners in chongqing. there is one at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in jie fang bei 8pm saturday nights.

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