Roomba’s Got Competition – Introducing Mint

A few years ago we reported on Roomba – a robot for cleaning your floors. Robotics is a fast evolving industry and they’ve now got a very viable competitor to worry about; the Mint.

This nifty little device will mop or sweep any hard floors, but generally designed to be used on wood. All you need to do is switch on the device and drop the NorthStar in the room and it’ll get straight to work.

While other floor cleaners work on an algorithm where they end up going round randomly with a very small probability of an area being missed, the NorthStar technology acts as a localised GPS transmitter allowing the Mint to detect exactly where it is (relative to the GPS) and thus make sure it has cleaned the whole room.

If it hits into anything it decides what to do; clean it now or come back to it at the end to clean. The battery will also last 3 hours on sweep (or 2 hours for mopping) so you can quite happily leave it cleaning while you take care of other errands.

The Mint will even go through doors meaning it can potentially clean a whole floor of your house without needing any input. As for price, $200 might seem a lot initially, but if you think about how much of your time it will save over the course of its lifetime then you should find it a sound investment.

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Price: $199.99
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  1. I have LOTs of hardwood floors in my house that I swept daily before I got my Mint (whom we affectionately call "Earl"). We charge it up and let it run either in the morning or at night while we are asleep. Now I have those just cleaned floors every day. My family can freely walk barefoot without all those little crumbs that stick to your feet.

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