New e-recycler Swapngreen will buy your old electronics

Recycling e-waste is good for the environment, but it must also be good business, because there are now so many options for folks to get their old electronics processed properly and even get some cash back.

Here’s a new one called SwapnGreen. They will buy your broken or used electronics including cell phones, iPods, iPhones, smart phones, MP3 players, PDAs, MP3 players. They’ll even pay for shipping.

Other similar services include: BuyMyTronics.comYouRenewMyBoneYard and Gazelle (and even Costco/Gazelle).


  1. I used SwapNGreen after reading this review and have yet to receive any money for the brand new BB curve I sent them over a month ago! I've asked for updates on the status and they don't respond. I see that someone has filed a ripe-off report as well. I may suggest using one of the other sites listed instead of these guys… I fear they will not send me anything when I'm expecting $89 based on the receipt I have.

  2. I agree. This Craig Bezares is a thief. I was promised a $60 check for my Droid, and I received nothing. I'm seriously considering filing a police report with the Avondale Police Dept. This is bad business and these corrupt thieves need to be put out of business. I should have used Costco/Gazelle or Best Buy.

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