Wireless Chime Turns Your Mailbox into an Inbox

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that sometimes we do get real mail – you know, those paper letters that end up in our mailboxes. If you want your mailbox to behave more like your email inbox though you don’t need to look much further. This wireless mail chime will let you know when you’ve got mail just like Mail or Outlook.

To set up the mail chime you stick a sensor on the inside of your mailbox door, and place the receiver in your house somewhere. When your mailbox door is opened, the box will beep and light up red, alerting you to the fact you have mail.

Under ideal conditions, the receiver should be able to work about 450 feet away from the mailbox, and could also be used to find out if someone is tampering with your mailbox or stealing your mail. You can alter the volume to your desired level.

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