LawnBott Bluetooth-Compatible Robotic Lawnmower

LawnBott Bluetooth-Compatible Robotic Lawnmower Don’t spend your weekends mowing the lawn or waste your money paying a landscaping service. A LawnBott robotic lawnmower maintains your grass at a constant height for you, leaving you—and your wallet—free to do more important things. LawnBott even charges itself and will mow at your pre-programmed times.

Sounds like any old robotic lawn mower for sale out there right? Well, this mower is the new Bluetooth-compatible model will maintain a lawn up to 38,000 sqare feet and navigate slopes of up to 30 degrees, and it has a rain sensor that sends it back to its charger when it detects rain but now you can program it from any Bluetooth-compatible cellphone or PDA.

Through Bluetooth, the homeowner can program which days of the week and what hours of the day the LawnBott needs to come out of its charging base and cut the grass. At the end of its work cycle, the LawnBott will go back to its charging station and take a nap while it recharges, ready to come out again for the next cycle.

Safety and security are further enhanced with the LB3500 through a higher sensitivity, free-floating, 360° bumper shell, blade stop proximity sensor, and an on-board alarm system should an unauthorized user pick up the Lawnbott.


Suggested Price: $2899.99


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