Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper

Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper Do people call you “Fatty McButterpants”? Are you only a physical speciman in the virtual world? You know you want to be in shape, but you can’t keep up both your virtual body and your physical body… until now!

If you insist on being at your desk all day, whether it’s gaming, surfing, or being a spreadsheet jockey, why not hook up the Gamercize PC Sport to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer’s USB, and get a nice workout at the same time?

The low-rise stepper sits surreptitiously under your desk – just set your feet on the pads, and gently step-step-step. If you can keep up a steady motion, your keyboard and mouse work fine. The moment you stop, however, they stop responding.

Step it up with the Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper!


Suggested Price: $199.99