iPhone Update

Apple iPhoneThe Apple iPhone Update v1.1.3 was delivered earlier this week to iPhones around the country with new features including:

  • location data via cell tower triangulation (via Google) or WiFi triangulation (via Skyhook Wireless)
  • Webclips – ability to make sections of web pages into widgets
  • custom icon layouts for home screens (up to 9 total)
  • SMS multiple recipients
  • Chapters for video and subtitle/audio language options
  • Karaoke mode (Lyrics displayable)

Apparently the “CPS” (Cell Positioning System instead of Global Positioning System) is fairly accurate with Google Maps as reported by BMW Geek:

I got the new iPhone update – holy crap it’s accurate with google maps using the cell tower “gps” they have now. It has me within 100yds of dead center, and I’m definitely in the circle it provides as the estimate area. For cell phones, I think this is better than GPS because of limited line of sight to the sky when in buildings.