Bye Bye Standby Remote Automation

Bye Bye Standby Remote Automation There were two trends in power this year at the CES: Wireless Power and Eliminating Standby Mode to Save Power. Several vendors were showing products already in the market to completely shut off products that are in standby and continue to draw electricity but the Geeks wanted to find a geeked up example of this technology and did with the Bye Bye Standby Remote Automation.

Back in 2000 (yes 7 years ago devices in Standby were know to draw power wasting money and expending the environment), researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimated that Americans spend around $4 billion on standby power. Generating that electricity puts roughly 27 millions tons of CO2-equivalent emissions into the atmosphere (more than 3.7 million cars’ worth) every year.

Because of this, devices from most power device manufacturers are creating products that fully turn off these devices in Standby. Bye Bye Standby is an energy-saving solution designed to reduce the daily energy consumption of electrical devices. Bye Bye Standby works by completely cutting power to the devices plugged into it when they’re not in use, thus saving the power that these devices would otherwise have consumed in Standby Mode, and giving users convenient control over their devices by remote control.

The Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit is a simple way to take control of your home while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.


Suggested Price: $39.99


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