Goodnight Sleep Trainer Teaches Your Baby to Sleep – In 2 Weeks!

If you’ve just had a baby you’ll feel like the happiest person on earth, until you realise how bad sleep deprivation actually is.

Here we’ve got an interesting (and perhaps controversial) way to get your baby to sleep through a full night within 2 weeks. Just think, you could have a normal sleep pattern back in less than 5 months.

The Goodnight Sleep Trainer was developed by a certified pediatrician and for babies older than 4 months. How it works is quite simple. Set it when your baby is going for a nap and when they will be waking up, and if they cry in between these 2 times, you walk over to the monitor and press the crying button.

From this point on a timer starts and you can’t comfort the baby until the timer is up. This can be repeated multiple times during the night and should teach your baby to look after itself a little more.

Ok, so it’s not really the gadget teaching the baby. It’s actually training you to give the kid a chance to soothe themselves. Still it’s not a bad idea, since humans many times have terrible judgement of timing especially when under pressure (as in the case of their babies crying).

We understand that most parents can’t bear to see their baby crying though, let alone having to wait for a timer to finish to comfort them, so you might want to take a look at the Cry Baby Analyzer to see how to help your baby instantly.

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