Gizmos for Geeks 2.0 – Our New Site

Welcome to our newly redesigned site! Not only have we re-styled things, but more importantly, we’ve moved web content platforms from Xaraya to WordPress. You may be wondering why. As much as we love Xaraya – it’s really a geek’s dream CMS (Content Management System) – there were a few factors that pushed us to switch, such as the sheer number of people using WordPress, the number of plugins, and the volume of support available for it. Xaraya unfortunately has a small team working on it, with updates and releases coming too few and far between. We will continue to run some other sites using Xaraya as it is well-suited for many things, but our flagship site, Gizmos for Geeks, had to make the move.

It was painful, but we’ve managed to move almost all of our content over from the old site to this one so that all of the articles are but a search away. We’ve culled the overzealous Categories we had before, so it should become easier for you to find things now by browsing.

You will also find it easier to comment as you won’t need a user account and you’ll be able to keep track of the conversation with the the new comment notification system.

Please do let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

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