GE MoodCam App Helps You Improve Your House For Free

GE MoodCamOK budding interior designers, listen up. GE Lighting Style offers an online lighting system tool called GE Mood Lighting Cam (MoodCam for short) that allows you to find the perfect type of lighting to change the mood of your whole house. Simply take some photos, answer 8 questions and it helps you choose the lighting that will change the atmosphere of your rooms.

Now, this has been altered into an iPhone app so you can take a snap of your room and play around with a simple slider to try and alter the mood of the room, taking it through Cozy, Creative, Intimate or purely Relaxing.

Lighting can make a big difference to any room, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or cinema room so don’t write this off as a novelty. What’s more the app is free and will even point you in the direction of which lightbulbs you need to create the exact effect you’re after in your home. Happy hunting!

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