D-Link Wireless USB Starter Kit

D-Link Wireless USB

Wireless is everywhere. Now free your USB Connections of wires too. Here’s how it works: Plug the D-Link USB Adapter into your PC or Notebook computer. Then plug your USB devices into the wireless USB hub. No more clambering under or behind your desk to plug those devices into your desktop. The D-Link Wireless USB Starter Kit (model DUB-9240) comes with the wireless USB Adapter (model: DUB-1210) and the 4-port wireless USB hub (model: DUB-2240). Read on to see a diagram of how it works.

The wireless USB system sets up in minutes, and there’s even a wizard to help you add new hardware and USB peripherals in no time. The range between the adapter and the hub is 30 feet (clear line of sight recommended), so your wireless hub could be practically in another room in your house. The hub and adapter operate wirelessly in the frequency range of 3.1 to 4.8GHz.

Wireless USB How

Price: $182.99
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