Apple locks out Linux users; Open Source Community Hacks it anyway

Apple has decided to stop new iPods (like the new Nanos and the Touch) from working with media players other than iTunes. In particular, this really affects Linux users as there is no version of iTunes for the Linux OS.

What the hell Apple? I don’t get it. Why would you cut off a whole swatch of your userbase like that? Given that iTunes is a freely downloadable application, it’s not like you’re getting additional income from cornering people into buying it. But wait… you do make money from the iTunes store, and you probably drive a lot of people there just by having them use iTunes. *sigh* Look, the way around that is to develop a version of iTunes for Linux! Although I question how effective that would be as I feel that Linux users are in general more savvy than the typical Windows or Mac user, given that they need to learn a bit about their OS to use it well, even more so if they have to find some other media app to hook up their iPod.

The silver lining here is that days after discovering this lock-out, the open source crowd reverse engineered the new iTunes format and have posted code to get your iPod working again with whatever media player you use under Linux. Windows users – hang on, help will be on its way shortly.

Makes me glad I decided to get a Sansa e280 instead of an iPod for my latest portable audio player…

via iPod minus iTunes.

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