Monitor Your INSTEON and X10 Devices via Computer Network

EZ Bridge IP

This appeals to the computer sys admin in me. The EZBridge IP to INSTEON/X10 Bridge allows you to control and monitor your INSTEON devices from anywhere, by bridging your home automation network and your computer network. And if you’re connected to the Internet via a broadband connection, you can access and control your HA network from practically anywhere in the world.

The EZBridge IP is powered either by an included power line modem (PLM) or by a DC Adapter (sold separately). It can either get an IP address via DHCP or you can set it up with a static IP address. The EZBridge ships with a Windows application to perform setup and operation. You can do things like create macros to easily trigger events. For example, at a specific time of day, you can turn certain lights on in the house, or a more sophisticated trigger like turning on a light in response to a motion sensor.

You can even program your wireless X10 remote to control your INSTEON-compatible devices. While the free configuration utility (Windows-only) can be used to set-up and operate the device, the EZBridge realizes its full potential working in conjunction with home automation programs. Planned support for the EZBridge include HouseLinc from Smarthome, mControl from Embedded Automation or Indigo from Perceptive Automation.

Price: $199.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)