Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player Is that a PMP in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Sorry, that’s all I could think of for this super mini video player that sports a 2.4″ or 2.8″ full-size bright high-res LCD display. The device can be expanded with a memory card (T-Flash or MicroSD) but comes with 2GB built-in. The battery life will let you play video for 3-4 hours and audio for 6-8 hours.

The device is so simple but really combines many features people look for in a PMP including simplicity of transferring video to the device (supports USB mass-storage mode for easy transfer of video on any OS), expandability memory, charging via USB (when traveling I hate bring extra chargers) and can play FM Radio, Text, Pictures, Games and Videos.

Two special features that are nice to have but are included on these mini PMPs are the existence of an integrated speaker so you don’t have to use your headphones in your hotel and the keys on the Neon M3 version are heat sensitive and glow when touched.

$100! What a deal!


Suggested Price: $99.99

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  1. How small can they get?
    Does anyone know when we can buy the Dick Tracy video and communicator watch?

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