M&K Sound Returns!

High-end home audio speakers may be a bit bigger than your typical gizmo, but this is certainly welcome news for you audiophile geeks out there.

Months back it was uncovered that premium home and professional speaker manufacturer M&K Sound would be making a return under new ownership… after being closed for over a year. Today, it looks like M&K is looking to make their return in the near future thanks to their new website that just went online today.

Most importantly, the new site shows which M&K products the new ownership is bringing back.

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  1. You mentioned that M&K had open a new website, is there a link avaliable to get to it. I am very interested in finding out whats happen at M&K and how soon I may be able to purchase some speakers. It has been recommended to me by my A/V guy to go with the paradigm Signature series but I am leaning towaed holding out in hopes that I will be able to get the M&K’s. What are your thoughts if you dont mine. Thanks

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