Static Electricity Eliminator

Static Electricity Eliminator As you travel throughout your day, electrons are shifting all over your body. Sometimes, like when you pull your sweater off or slide out of your car, an excess of electrons attach themselves to your body (you are actually tearing them off of the other substance). When you next touch a piece of positively charged material (your car door, your computer, or perhaps a coworker), the electrons rush from you to the positive charge. The result: a static shock. Static shocks are fun, but only if you are zapping others. They can be painful and also quite destructive; once a static charge fries your laptop, you’ll know what we mean.

So we offer a very easy way to help painlessly get rid of unwanted electrons. Attach the Static Electricity Eliminator (SEE, for short) to your keyring, and you’ll always have it with you. If you think you are “charged,” simply hold the SEE and touch the rubber tip to a grounded object (a metal desk leg, your car door, a metal peg leg, etc). You will see a little face flash on the SEE’s screen, and you’ll know you are static free. It’s that simple. And with no batteries to worry about (because you are providing the electricity), you’ll be able to use your SEE for years to come. So shout with us, “I defy thee, oh daemon of static!” Come on, we said SHOUT!


Suggested Price: $9.99

Update: Unfortunately, as you can see from the comments below, there’s a bit of ‘he said, she said’ going on, possibly between the competitors of similar products. As it would take entirely too much time to sort out who’s who, or to even verify any statements, backgrounds, etc., we’re simply closing the comments on this post. However, we’re leaving the comments as is. Perhaps there’s an independent 3rd-party who might want to weigh in on their own blog/site.


  1. The problem with the Eliminator is you have to carry it with you all the time. There is another product available called Staticoff Static Zapper which allows you to be static free for up to thirty minutes by just touching it for a few seconds.
    There is a website

  2. The problem with StaticOff is that you have to spend a few hundred dollars installing it all over your home. It’s not portable and doesn’t help you outside of your home. In large rooms it requires you to trek back to the nearest StaticOff converted light switch instead of just tapping something on your wrist against a nearby metal object.

    Heck, a watch with a metal band can offer you the same benefits! Just tap it against a metal lamp and your static is discharged painlessly.

  3. In reference to the above comment contributed to Secret Agent Man. The writer is in fact one Mathew Miller who also has a blog. Over the last six weeks he has set out on a malicious campaign to discredit the product he writes about called staticoff, which was invented and marketed by a client of mine. In this great country of ours, anyone amd everyyone is entilted to an opinion and point of view, but Mr Miller who in his own blog admits to never even trialing the product, has abused this freedom by going to every blog and website which mentions Staticoff, writing misinformation about the product. He has done this because the inventor of Staticoff, rebuked him for writing falsely about the product and what it does. Mr Miller also claims that all positive news and comments made in blogs etc, are the work of the owner. I will gladly supply Mr Miller and anyone else who may like them with written testimonials and unbiased media reports of satisfied customers. I do however request Mr Miller stop his malicious campaign of misinformation and respect the unwritten rules of blogging. He should be ashamed of what he is attempting to do.

  4. I’ve been using Staticoff for a long time now and i think it works great. Mathew Miller doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s a rude, inconsiderate jerk. People like him are why we should have limits on freedom of speech.

    1. Really, you don't like a conflicting point of view and you want limits on freedom of speech? Don't be so silly Burgess.

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