Cordless 8-Inch LED Gallery Lamp

Cordless 8-Inch LED Gallery Lamp I have no idea why I never came up with this… a Cordless LED Gallery Lamp to hang off your works of art at your house or office. I hate the usual cords you have to deal with hanging behind the picture then running down the wall to a power outlet ten inches off the floor. Remove the cord with this brilliantly simple gadget.

This battery powered gallery lamp casts LED light onto artwork, allowing you to showcase masterpieces anywhere in your home without requiring proximity to a wall outlet or unsightly extension cords. The LEDs provide up to 10,000 hours of light without producing the heat or ultraviolet rays that can damage artwork and are common to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. The lampshades seamless endcap and reflective interior contribute even light distribution without creating distracting glare. The telescoping lamp arm extends 4 to 7 inches from the wall and the ball swivel tilts the lampshade 20, allowing you to easily adjust the light projection angle. The lamp mounts to a wall or to the top or bottom of a frame using the included bracket and screws.


Suggested Price: $49.95

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