40-Foot Marshmallow Blaster

40-Foot Marshmallow Blaster While this ‘toy’ meets all US Federal toy safety standards, this pump-action, pneumatic gun can shoot sweet but deadly marshmallows (or handfuls of mini-marshmallows) up to 40′. While the Geeks have featured another Marshmallow Blaster, the older Blaster doesn’t have near the power to shoot 40′. The easy-to-refill bolt action design ensures fast, nonstop action. Front grip is detachable for easy cleanup.

Don’t just join the cubicle farm weapons race, go ahead and win the race… for now.


Suggested Price: $39.95

1 thought on “40-Foot Marshmallow Blaster”

  1. The pump action is great, but you can save about big bucks and make one yourself out of PVC. Check out a “Howtoon” instructable:


    It’s basically a pea shooter, but I was able to outfit an army of 10-year-old birthday party guests for the cost of one of the pre-made ones, marshmallows included. I cut the PVC, and had the kids assemble their own. Once the marshmallow war started, I went inside…

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