Coffee Maker Now with up to the minute News & Weather


You can now stand in your zombie-like state in the morning while staring at your coffee maker, and get up to the minute news and weather on your coffee maker. In particular, it’s on the Melitta programmable, whole-bean grinder and coffee maker. How does this magic work you ask? Does the Melitta have an ethernet port? While I’m all for that (and it should run embedded Linux while we’re at it), it does not. It uses a technology from Microsoft called SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) that is branded as MSN Direct. To date, the primary products that have been MSN Direct/SPOT-powered have been wristwatches as well as weather stations (particularly by Oregon Scientific). But now, the SPOT technology is branching out in the way MS originally envisioned. Pick up your own Melitta from Amazon or the Sharper Image for about $200.


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